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DRiP is multi-instrumentalist Daniel Rico’s first solo project, in collaboration with visual artist Astrid Steiner ( With DRiP, Daniel presents his original compositions live on piano and drums complemented by video projections of prerecorded footage of himself playing. The imagery allows the audience to experience a 'band performance” by a single individual. In late 2022 Danny will release the music from this show and more on an album entitled "Artificial Anus".

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On stage, Daniel switches from piano to drums in the blink of an eye. On video he takes you out on a journey where the drums and piano can be found on fields, cities, forests and mountains. The pair met in their adopted home city of London. Filmed throughout 2017 the material was largely shot in England, Portugal and Austria and subsequently cinematographically edited by Astrid.

drip _ scarlos antena 2 _ jf Full Size (

The most recent DRiP Show - on 12 February 2020 at Lisbon's wonderful Teatro Nacional de São Carlos as part of the Antena 2 Festival.

Photography: João Filipe

New Trailer from this Show

Another track from this show





K.U.L.T. Hof bei Salzburg






Live-Project of a Virtuoso Artist


HOF (schw). Musician Danny Rico presented his audiovisual project “DRiP” at K.U.L.T. in Hof. With his music he impressed the audience at the piano, the keyboards and the drums. Videos showing him playing the very instrument that he’s not playing live accompany the performance. 

The images were filmed in England, Portugal and Austria, and were subsequently cinematographically processed and edited by Visual Artist Astrid Steiner. The audience experienced a unique “Band Performance” by a single, virtuoso musician.

Teaser from the Premiere

Teaser from the Premiere:

Trailer for the Premiere

A Warm Thank You to:


Astrid Steiner

Florian Tanzer

Luma Launisch 


Karin and Rico Pucher

Johannes Pöllmann

Álvaro Campos

Julian Hutter

Christopher Pucher

Guilherme Luz 

Ulrich Guillerm, Hugo Freitas, Pedro Coelho (

Josef Haas and Tauernspa Kaprun

Josef Rumpf and Christian Hörl from Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun

Rudolfa, Peter and Mathias Hartl, Entalbauer

António Simões

Filipa Organon

Marco Lochner 

Aram Zarikian

Emanuel Krimplstätter

Matthäus Weber

Nikolaus Tiefenbacher 

Andreas Hansel

Daniel Mayrhofer and K.U.L.T.

Heinz Hasenauer

Nikolai Linnik 

David Binderberger

Betty Lenard

Ryan Doyle 

Marion Rainer

Michael Stainer

Fesih Alpagu

Christian Enzlmüller

Johannes Ludwig Albrecht

Thomas Woschitz

Annabell Bayer Oves

Mathias Krispin Eder-Bucher

Sophie and Tilda Eder-Bucher

Philipp Bernsteiner

Gregor Hofbauer

Open Piano for Refugees/Udo Felizeter

Nuno Canina Moura/Madrepaz

Hugo Valverde 

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